Social Media Marketing Trends On Peak

May 3, 2017 | By Jessie Armstrong | 0 Comments

According to the statistics, the social media has maintained its hype from the previous few years by having 2.3 billion users subscription on their network. This is a huge potential market for most of the businesses and most of the marketers utilize this opportunity in an amazing manner. The brand identity is increased along with the improvement in sales level. This is not just the way of advertising your product but also the medium to build valuable connections with the users all over the world. There are no limits to the social media marketing campaigns, you can target everyone. The latest trends in 2017 are as follows. Grow your followers in just 24 hours from here,

Streaming of live videos

With the help of YouTube and other websites like this, the amount of content shared in the form of videos is really huge. More than half of the marketing campaigns have the presence on the video channels.

Chatbots increase

This is the work done by the help of artificial intelligence and has a great influence on the social media in latest trends. The chat interface is used in this in order to interact with the person. The queries of users are addressed in a creative way by the use of chatbots.

Expiring of social content

The life of the content on the social media is continuously decreasing. With the presence of snap chat and the latest changes made in the status updates of Whatsapp, the change in this trend is observed.

Social media platforms are merging

The acquisition of small social media brands by the major ones is the new trend. The brand name is made strong by acquiring the similar networks and having a large market share to entertain the users.

Hard to acquire the natural social media traffic

There is a lot of competition on social media in terms of customer traffic. It is not easy to get the organic traffic from these sites on regular basis. You have to do constant efforts in order to achieve a place in the minds of customers.

Reputation Management Among Social Media Followers

There are lots of followers on social media profiles. Specifically instagram, reputation needs to be managed. So everyone who buy instagram followers use multiple tools to communicate with them. People try to maintain proper connection with their followers 24/7

Virtual and augmented reality

There are many new products which are introduced in the market in order to improve the user engagement. The use of Pokémon Go is an excellent way of creating augmented reality. Many such initiatives are also taken by Google and other users to have a solid share of the market.

Increase in the personalized content

Now the user is savvy, they know what exactly they need. In this scenario, the need for personalized content is really high. The use of only relevant content in the advertisements is necessary to keep the users engaged.

Number of public influencers

The level of credibility is built with the customers by placing the influencers on social media. They address the audience and increase their trust level. With the increase in the use of ad blockers, it is the effective way to get your message conveyed to the consumer. Not only the trust will be built but also the prominence will be achieved from the user end.