Social Media Marketing

September 30, 2017 | By Jessie Armstrong | 0 Comments

Since the creation of social media, society has revolutionized and adapted socially and economically to social media, and introducing new ways for businesses and individuals alike to generate income. Thanks to this, most worldwide and local businesses, companies, enterprises, and other organizations have started using social media to grow economically. Due to this use of social media in economics, social media marketing (SMM) came into existence. For this reason, this essay will identify and explore the definition of social media and social media marketing, its pros and cons, and strive to prove that social media Marketing is the best type of marketing in the twenty-first century.

Social media is the integration of a very wide variety of virtual communities and networks. These communities and networks can be classified into different groups.  One type is forums, which can range from a discussion board to an exchanging and/or a transacting lobby. Another is blogs, which are known to be discreet discussion and informational communities. Finally there are social networks, which are websites that connect, unite, and bring people together to talk, play, meet new people, and share ideas and interests, among various other activities available.

Social media marketing (SMM) is the utilization of social media websites, applications and platforms that advertise, sponsor, or promote a product or service. The majority of social media platforms have their own programmed data analytics tools, which allows businesses to keep track of the growth, progress, involvement, and success or failure of promotion campaigns. Social media marketing is strong way for businesses of all sizes to obtain customers and prospects, who are already interacting with businesses through social media. The businesses that do not interact directly with their followers and clientele through social media platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, are missing out on an incredibly large marketing opportunity. Just like all other types of marketing, social media marketing has positive and negative sides.

Thanks to the appearance of social media marketing businesses worldwide can invest time into attracting more clientele through social media. Unfortunately for small businesses that limited capital or sufficient employees will have a hard time implementing social media marketing into their businesses due to the high amount of time it takes to build and grow in social media marketing, as a result of the quantity of content that must be created, edited, approved, and published throughout the different social media platforms but small businesses can Buy Instagram Followers to get more audience on social media.  Additionally, an organization answering comments and maintain their page, thus being the first con of SMM. Unlike other types of marketing, the use of social media as a form of marketing affords businesses little control over how their brand is transmitted on social media. Even though businesses can control the content they create and post, they can not control the comments received of anything else that happens with the content. The last thing a business wants to generate when doing social media marketing is public backlash. Without the ability and capacity to control reviews, comments, or even what the business’ own personal is publishing, companies can expose themselves to potential negatives, which is one of the biggest cons of social media marketing. The third and final negative of SMM ties with the first con – since Social Media Marketing requires a lot of time and dedication, small businesses will see themselves struggling to get by economically. Despite having the liberty to post for free and at a relatively low cost for advertisement, social media can be really expensive for small businesses. If a person is running a business alone, adding Social Media Marketing to the mix will greatly complicate one’s business. This is because he/she will be dedicating more time to grow their status in social media and putting in less time into their own physical business, and it is a known fact that time is money.

For all things in life there are positives and negatives; this includes Social Media Marketing. As for the first positive of social media marketing, there is using social media and good image to a business’ advantage. This can be done if a business has a good self image, is well known, or if they have a good presence on these networks. This sometimes happens when word, content, or even advertisement spreads between users, and the business generates income due to the sales occurring from the users. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest statistic to track or predict because businesses do not always know if a customer has found out about what is being promoted as a result of social networking. The second pro covers the online reputation of businesses and its importance. The online reputation of a business is very important, and even moreso if the business is small and trying to establish trust. Social media networks give people and businesses a platform that they can use to create a strong reputation for their business’ brand. One of the best ways of gaining a strong reputation is by regularly uploading informative content and interacting with the community.  In time, people will come to respect the business and what it posts. If a business has a bad reputation on social media, the chances somebody will respect them or even buy from them is very low due to their bad reputation. The last positive of social media marketing is when being a part of a social network, members have the opportunity to learn from one another. This allows businesses to choose and determine what successful techniques to implement by seeing what other people are doing to promote themselves. Businesses also have the capability to access the preferences of potential customers and adjust themselves to satisfy them, thus creating a business that better meets consumers’ demands and interests. Taking into account both the pros and cons of social media marketing, it is clear to see how the pros can easily overrule the cons by simply adapting to social media. For this and various other reasons, social media marketing stands on top of all other forms of marketing.

When it comes to marketing, a company’s aspiration is to actively create, communicate, exchange, and deliver retail that has value for partners, clients, customers, and the general population. The approach that allows businesses to fulfill this aspiration is called marketing. During the mid nineteen hundreds, a new form of marketing appeared, thanks the introduction of television into society. This gave businesses of all types the opportunity to use this newly introduced technology to their advantage by incorporating publicity into the television shows that were presented. This allowed the original concept of marketing to expand from one-on-one interaction with customers, printed advertisement, and radio advertising to audio-visual publicity that was made specifically to convince the viewer to buy the items being advertised.  At that time, the main viewers were women, so it was directed towards their womanly needs on a daily basis. After the introduction of television came that of the Internet. When the Internet was introduced commercially between 1980 and 1990, along side with the World Wide Web, which made its debut January 1, 1990, all previous forms of marketing found themselves with the need to adapt in the evolving world of marketing and, more specifically, social media marketing. Social media marketing has been growing since the invention of the radio in 1891, being used by businesses to persuade the listener to buy whatever was being advertised. For the last two decades, businesses have seen and made use of the potential that the Internet has to offer in the field of marketing, which has allowed businesses to commercialize globally with no barriers. But there is a difference between the businesses that use social media and the ones that do not. The businesses that do not use social media miss out on a large amount of potential customers, even if they use the Internet to market because social media posts and spreads information faster than stationary advertisements. As for the businesses that do use social media, their businesses may notice almost immediately that their sales have increased. This is due to how fast information can spread in between social media platforms, exposing more people to a business’ information. Unlike print, radio, television, multi-level, and philanthropic marketing, social media marketing has a global impact range, meaning that it can spread throughout the entire world across social media, making social media marketing one of the most effective of marketing for businesses.

The socio-economic implementation of social media has allowed businesses of all sizes to produce a larger amount of income since its establishment. Social media is the grouping of a large variety of intercommunication networks that allows anybody who uses them as they please, including businesses. Social media is used by businesses with the interest of marketing, resulting in the phenomenon known as social media marketing. Like everything in life, social media marketing has its positive and negative sides, which revolve around time management and dedication required and the rapid expansion of a business’ promotion or advertisement through social media marketing. All these contribute to the effectiveness and successful use of SMM in the business world. For those who are just starting out in the business world, one of the best ways to go is by using social media marketing.