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PROMATION offers two different solutions for loading a wave solder machine.

The EIC-710 is a basic angled transfer conveyor that generally has the line operator hand place the PCB or pallet onto the edge rails for transfer into the wave.

The ETF-700 is a tilt and feed conveyor system. This station can accept a PCB or pallet from the line (zero degrees) then lower down and tilt before transferring the product into the wave. This station is great when transferring product directly from a hand assembly line or other type process that requires a differential change in a small foot print area.

  • Programmable logic controller 
  • AC drive motor(s) with fixed belt speed
  • Green ESD edge belt
  • Retractable hand crank for width adjusting
  • ESD grounding plug in port
  • Audible alarm
  • Pneumatic lift (ETF-700 only)
  • Easy Roll wheels w/leveling feet +/- 30 mm
  • SMEMA 1.2 compliant with jumper for wave

Technical Specifications:

  • 3 mm edge contact
  • 4 PCB handling sizes available
  • Minimum PCB thickness 1 mm
  •  (0.045)
  • Maximum PCB weight 1.8kg (5 lbs)
  • Voltage (USA = 110v) or (220 v optional)
  • Power consumption: 28 watts (EIC) 61 watts (ETF) 1A
  • Top side clearance 30 mm (1.1)
  • Bottom side clearance 30 mm (1.1)
  • Look up product sensing (adjustable focal detection)
  • Rail to floor height (950 mm) 37.4 or (900 mm) 35.4
  • 71 PSI filtered air (5 bars) (6 mm coupling) (ETF only)

Available Options:                                        

  • Variable speed
  • automatic width adjustment